Why we expect QR codes to be a new social media trend

At the recent annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) in Orlando, Sally Church on Pharma Strategy Blog, chose a poster by patient advocate, Leslie Hammersmith as “My AACR Poster of the Day.”  A hard won accolade in a field of more than 5000 posters!

One of the attractions of this poster, (and you can read more about why Sally chose it on Pharma Strategy Blog) was its use of social media, and particular quick response (QR) codes.

QR codes are a matrix bar code that is now easily readable by smart phones, you can readily find apps for the iPhone. By scanning the QR code using the camera in the phone you are automatically directed to further information – whether it be a copy of the poster, a scientific paper or a website.

As Sally said in her blog post about Leslie’s poster, “The clever use of QR codes made me want it on all the science posters too.”  A few other science researchers did have QR codes on their posters, and we see this as a social media trend that will expand.

We will be adding a QR code to our next print run of business cards, will you?

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