What will be hot at ASCO 2012 in Chicago?

ASCO-2011-Chicago-View-©-Icarus-ConsultantsASCO 2012 is in Chicago from June 1 – 5

While everyone is busy making predictions about what the New Year will bring, we are already thinking about what are going to be hot topics at the 2012 annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO).

ASCO is the largest and most important meeting of the year for those involved in oncology new product development and marketing strategy.

Predicting what will be hot at a meeting and when new trial data will be presented is not easy.  However, positive or negative data from a major clinical trial can have a huge impact on a market or in the case of new products in development, the market potential.

Prior to ASCO 2011, Sally Church produced the following preview video. It’s still worth watching if you missed it the first time round.


Sally has already started working on her list of what may be hot at ASCO 2012 in preparation for this year’s video.

On Pharma Strategy Blog yesterday, Sally discussed the recent results for the VEGF inhibitor tivozanib (AVEO/Astellas) in advanced renal cancer (RCC).

Tivozanib showed a greater progression free survival (PFS) compared to sorafenib, but “the sorafenib arm did better than expected,” noted Sally.  You can read more analysis about what this means on Pharma Strategy Blog.

The tivozanib data has been submitted as an abstract for ASCO this year (abstract deadline is February 1st), leading Sally to conclude that:

“This year’s ASCO is going to be a most interesting meeting for renal cell cancer.”

Time perhaps to starting making your New Year predictions of what may be hot at ASCO in 2012?

Update May 16, 2012 – What’s hot at ASCO 2012?

Sally Church on Pharma Strategy Blog has published her preview of the ASCO 2012 meeting and what interesting data she’s expecting at #ASCO12.

You can watch Sally’s informative video below:


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