What role does notch signaling play in CLL?

Sally Church on Pharma Strategy Blog tackles the question of whether notch signaling is a target for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)?

Poster-Viewing-EHA-2011-Congress-LondonIf you see a hematology theme, that’s probably because Sally attended the European Hematology Association (EHA) Congress in London last weekend.

Sally discusses recent research that shows “NOTCH1 activation at CLL diagnosis emerged as independent predictor of poor survival.”

Several companies have new products in development that are NOTCH inhibitors, including RO4929097, MK0752, BMS906024, PF03084014.

The NOTCH signaling pathway is disrupted by cancer and may be implicated in a number of disease areas.

Recent research from Duke using animal models has also shown that NOTCH signaling controls the differentiation of airway basal stem cells, potentially making it a therapeutic target for airway remodeling and lung disease.

Sally concludes on Pharma Strategy Blog that NOTCH signaling is “an interesting field to follow.”  If you would like to know more about NOTCH signaling and the new product development opportunities associated with this pathway, please contact us.

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