What prostate clinical trial would you do if given a million dollars?

At the recent American Society of Clinical Oncology Genitourinary cancers symposium in Orlando (ASCO GU), Sally Church, PhD interviewed Professor Bertrand Tombal about some of the latest clinical research in prostate cancer.

Professor Bertrand Tombal ASCO GU 2013Professor Tombal is a leading urologist from Belgium who we always enjoy listening to at major international scientific meetings.

He invests a lot of time in giving educational presentations that are thought provoking and strategic.

You can read Sally’s interview: “Making a difference in Advanced Prostate Cancer – an interview with Bertrand Tombal” on Pharma Strategy Blog.

In the interview, Professor Tombal says what prostate cancer clinical trial he would do if you gave him a million dollars. We are not going to give the game away by telling you the answer, only to say it’s a combination trial that has a sound scientific rationale.

Check out Sally’s excellent series of interviews on people who are “Making a difference to the lives of cancer patients” if you have not already done so.

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