What is nanotechnology?

It’s a word that one often hears, but did you know that 1 nanometer is a billionth of a meter or one seven-thousandth of the width of a red blood cell?  Nanomaterials between 1nm and 100nm are unimaginably small.

As Pieter Droppert discusses today on Biotech Strategy Blog, innovation in nanotechnology is set to provide growth opportunities for life science, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics and medical imaging companies.

We can expect to see new drug delivery mechanisms that enhance the efficacy of drugs for cancer, cardiovascular and infectious diseases, as well as new diagnostic tools and imaging agents.

You may not have realized it but nanotechnology is already used in 1000+ consumer products.  Think about the titanium particles in your sunscreen as summer arrives.

You can read more about the impact of nanotechnology on Biotech Strategy Blog.


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