Understanding the Osteoporosis Market

At Icarus Consultants we do projects on a wide range of therapeutic areas, although we are perhaps most well known for our expertise in oncology, hematology and targeted therapies.

Pieter Droppert who writes the Biotech Strategy Blog has a series of posts on the osteoporosis market.  The latest discusses targeting sclerostin.  Other posts discuss emerging drugs in development, and cathepsin-K inhibitors.

While at Quintiles, Pieter worked on the phase III clinical trials for risedronate. However, his interest in bone metabolism goes back to a review on “The Effects of Microgravity on the Skeletal System” that he wrote while completing his masters degree in physiology.

If you are interested in bringing new products to market for osteoporosis or wish to discuss the competitive dynamics within this market, please contact us.

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