Understanding the market for PARP inhibitors

One of our areas of focus at Icarus Consultants is helping pharma, biotech clients with their commercial strategy to bring new products to market. Sally Church worked in oncology new products at Novartis and brought Gleevec to market in the United States, so has first hand experience of what it takes to make this happen.

Key to new product success is understanding the market opportunity, and focusing your drug on targets that have both commercial and clinical justification.  We spend a lot of our time writing powerpoint presentations that help clients make strategic new product development marketing and commercial decisions.

On Pharma Strategy Blog, Sally Church takes a look at the market for PARP inhibitors such as iniparib, olaparib and veliparib.  She’s been writing about them since 2006!

Sally discusses the clinical trials that have taken place, and how poor trial design has contributed to the lack of success.   You can read Sally’s in-depth review of what’s happening with the clinical development of PARP inhibitors on Pharma Strategy Blog.

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