The Challenges of Multiple Myeloma Market Research

Multiple Myeloma (MM) is forecast to be a hot topic at the forthcoming annual meeting of the American Society of Hematology (ASH) that starts in Atlanta next week.

There are four “Super Friday” satellite symposia and over 700+ MM  abstracts that will be presented in multiple oral and poster sessions. If you add in the recent FDA approval for carfilzomib (Kyprolis) and the anticipation that pomalidomide (Actimid) will be approved soon, there’s a lot going on.

We specialize in Thought Leader or Key Opinion Leader (KOL) market research. Often projects are a hybrid where we discuss high-level strategic issues with KOLs and ask community hematology-oncologists or medical oncologists more practice-focused questions.

Based on our experience, multiple myeloma is a challenging topic for pharma market research:

  • Treatment regimens can be complex, even some community medical oncologists have told us they are challenged by them.
  • Treatment decisions are multifactorial and individualized, so it’s often hard for community based physicians to generalize.
  • High prescribing community physicians may be in small towns not near a market research facility, requiring telephone interviews.
  • Thought leaders are busy people – you need to focus on a few key questions you want them to answer.
  • Access to top-tier thought leaders is difficult, they often will only talk to people they know or have met at medical or scientific meetings.

If you have plans to be in Atlanta for ASH, do contact us. We’d welcome the opportunity to meet up and tell you more about what we do.

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