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Are you adapting to the changing prostate cancer market?

February 10th, 2012


The prostate cancer market continues to evolve at a fast pace.  Companies with products on the market or in development will need to adapt their marketing strategy to the changing prostate cancer market dynamics.  Some of the recent news includes:

MDV3100 shows 4.8 improvement in median overall survival

Sally Church, PhD on Pharma Strategy Blog interviewed David Hung, MD CEO of Medivation and discussed the MDV3100 clinical trial data presented at ASCO GU.

Sally has been following the development of MDV3100 for a while, and previously interviewed Dr Charles Sawyers one of the co-developers.

MDV3100 showed an improvement in median overall survival of 4.8 months in advanced prostate cancer, and offers a number of significant advantages over abiraterone acetate (Zytiga) due to its different mechanism of action on the androgen receptor.

One of the advantages is it’s ability to target splice variants:

You can read more about MDV3100 on Pharma Strategy Blog.

Is ARN-509 more effective than MDV3100? 

Another interesting compound in prostate cancer drug development is Aragon’s ARN-509.  Recent research published in the AACR journal, “Cancer Research” suggests that ARN-509 may be a more potent androgen-receptor antagonist than MDV3100.

Whether ARN-509 will make it to market remains in question given that Medivation claim the compound was part of the intellectual property it acquired from UCLA along with what became MDV3100.

You can read more about the potential of Aragon’s ARN-509 in prostate cancer on Pharma Strategy Blog.

Radium-223 (Alpharadin) significantly prolongs time to first Skeletal Related Event

Pieter Droppert has written on Biotech Strategy Blog about the radium-223 (Alpharadin) clinical trial data presented by Dr Oliver Sartor at ASCO GU.

Alpharadin is a bone targeted radiopharmaceutical that has shown not only a significant delay in the time to first skeletal related event (SRE) but an increase in overall survival.

Dr Sartor kindly offered some clinical perspective on the data that you can read on Biotech Strategy Blog.

In case you missed it, the video interview with Dr Chris Parker at ECCO/ESMO 2011 in Stockholm offers further information on radium-223 and the ALSYMPCA trial results:

Amgen fails to convince ODAC that Xgeva should have a prostate bone mets indication

If you were following the prostate cancer news this past week, then the ODAC 12:1 vote against granting an indication for denosumab (Xgeva) for the prevention of prostate cancer bone metastases was in the news

Pieter Droppert collated the Xgeva ODAC meeting tweets on Storify if you are interested in what was live tweeted during the meeting.

Once Alpharadin is approved will radiation oncologists now get more involved in the treatment of prostate cancer and how will this impact the market dynamics? Will urologists favor MDV3100 that does not require administration of prednisone at the expense of Zytiga?

Companies will need to adapt their marketing strategy as new prostate cancer new products come to market in 2012.

AUA 2011 Prostate Cancer News

May 16th, 2011


Sally Church on Pharma Strategy Blog has published a video blog (vlog) post on what’s hot in Prostate Cancer at the 2011 AUA (American Urological Association) annual meeting in Washington DC.

In her post, Sally reviews presentations by Charles Sawyers and Oliver Sartor.  She discusses new prostate cancer products in development such as MDV3100 and custirsen (OGX-011), and how our understanding of basic biology may lead to new combinations in the future.

If you missed Sally’s video blog post, then you can watch it on Vimeo below. As Sally would say, “check it out!


Sally Church’s interview with Dr Charles Sawyers rated a “must read” by Forbes Health

May 5th, 2011


Sally Church invests a lot of her personal time in writing for Pharma Strategy Blog.  With a focus on the science of new products and treatments in cancer and hematology, Sally willingly shares her passion, knowledge and expertise.

It is always a pleasure to receive endorsement from others.  Matthew Herper from Forbes Health kindly highlighted Sally’s interview with Dr Charles Sawyers as a “must read.”

Matthew Herper Endorsement Sally Church’s interview with Dr Charles Sawyers rated a “must read” by Forbes Health

We agree. Dr Sawyers is one of the leading translational scientists in the United States who along with Dr Brian Druker and Dr Nick Lydon received the prestigious Lasker award for their work on imatinib (Gleevec/Glivec) in CML.  Dr Sawyers is now working on prostate cancer, and in his interview with Sally, describes his latest work developing MDV3100 and ARN-509.

We unequivocally recommend reading Sally’s post on Pharma Strategy Blog, “Making a difference to the lives of cancer patients: An interview with Dr Charles Sawyers.”

Pharma Strategy Blog Dr Charles Sawyers Interview Sally Church’s interview with Dr Charles Sawyers rated a “must read” by Forbes Health