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SABCS San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium Conference coverage #SABCS

December 10th, 2011


River Walk San Antonio SABCS 300x225 SABCS San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium Conference coverage #SABCSDeserted River Walk due to San Antonio cold weather

If you are interested in news from the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS) then Sally Church, PhD has a number of reports on Pharma Strategy Blog that are worth reading.

SABCS Video Preview

In her preview of the SABCS meeting (that you can also watch below), Sally reviews some of the BOLERO-2, CLEOPATRA and NEOSPHERE clinical trials, and what impact positive data may have on breast cancer patients. It is well worth watching.

SABCS Twitter Coverage

Although there is no wifi in the meeting rooms at SABCS, a few scientists, patients advocates and physicians are tweeting from the meeting including @drsteventucker and @teamoncology. You can easily follow the twitter conversation and check-out what’s been said through the #SABCS aggregator on Pharma Strategy Blog. As Sally would say, “check it out!”

As an example of how effective social media can be to share information, Pieter Droppert (@3NT) used storify to share some of the insights posted on twitter during the SABCS plenary lecture he attended on potential of macrophages as breast cancer drug development targets.

Breast Cancer and the Environment

Pieter also commented on the recent Institute of Medicine (IOM) report on “Breast Cancer and the Environment” which was somewhat disappointing to those hoping that it would highlight causal links.

Hot news at SABCS 

The Alamo San Antonio Texas 300x225 SABCS San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium Conference coverage #SABCSThis year the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium had a lot of exciting new data. Two papers on the BOLERO-2 and CLEOPATRA trial data was published during the meeting.

Some of the interesting early data presented at the meeting included work on Notch inhibition to reduce aromatase inhibitor resistance, HER2 mutants and targeting HER3. You can read more updates from Sally Church on Pharma Strategy Blog.

Overall, this was one of the most interesting SABCS meetings of recent years with a good balance of science and clinical data.

Hopefully next year, there will be more discussants to put the data in context, as this would have made it an even better meeting.

Alpharadin may change standard of care for prostate cancer patients with bone mets

September 29th, 2011


We recently attended the 2011 European Multidisciplinary Cancer Congress in Stockholm. Paradigm shifting data in breast cancer and advanced prostate cancer were presented at what turned out to be an excellent meeting in a charming, if expensive, city.

@MaverickNY top twitter influencer at EMCC2011 Alpharadin may change standard of care for prostate cancer patients with bone mets

Sally Church (@MaverickNY) live tweeted several sessions from the meeting and was name the “Top Twitter Influencer” for the #EMCC2011 hashtag. You can catch up with the tweets fron ECCO ESMO ESTRO 2011 on Pharma Strategy Blog.

Top Influencers of 2011 Stockholm Cancer Congress Alpharadin may change standard of care for prostate cancer patients with bone mets

Pieter Droppert (@3NT) has written several posts on biotech strategy blog about the exciting data for radium-223 (Alpharadin) in advanced prostate cancer that was presented in Stockholm.

He also produced a video of the media briefing by Dr Chris Parker from the Royal Marsden Hospital where the ALSYMPCA phase 3 trial results were reviewed.  It is well worth watching!

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about the fast moving Prostate Cancer market and how pharma marketing strategy may be impacted by the new products in development such as radium-223 (Alpharadin), that is on fast track for FDA approval in 2012.

Everolimus plus exemestane is the biggest advance in breast cancer since Herceptin

September 27th, 2011


2011 European Multidisciplinary Cancer Congress Breast cancer news 

Goodbye from Stockholm Cancer Congress 2011 300x225 Everolimus plus exemestane is the biggest advance in breast cancer since HerceptinThere were two noteworthy breast trials with new data at the 2011 ESMO ECCO oncology congress in Stockholm this past weekend:

1) The phase III BOLERO-2 study for everolimus (Afinitor) plus exemestane is according to Sally Church, “probably the biggest single advance in breast since the Herceptin data was announced way back in the 1990’s,” with an improvement in progression free survival (PFS) from 4.1 to 10.6 months, a six and a half month extra benefit.

2) The other trial that returned good solid data was a phase II study that compared T-DM1 to trastuzumab plus docetaxel in women with HER2+ breast cancer who were previously untreated.  The median PFS improved from 9.2 to 14.2 months, an improvement of 5 months before the disease worsened.  The side effect profile, including cardiotoxicity, was also superior in the T-DM1 arm compared to the control arm.  We still need to wait for the phase III results before drawing definitive conclusions on the safety and efficacy of T-DM1, but the results so far are promising.

Although there are multiple therapies are available for the treatment of different types of metastatic breast cancer, many of them sadly only advance progression by a few months at a time, meaning patients must cycle through multiple lines of therapy.

The good news is that these agents are being tested in different patient populations, meaning we will have new and potentially better options for more patients. It is hoped both everolimus and trastuzumab will be approved for breast cancer in the not to distant future.

You can read more about the impressive breast cancer results in the BOLERO-2 study on Pharma Strategy Blog. This data was Sally Church’s HOT NEWS of the Stockholm cancer congress!

Icarus Consultants will be at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS) later this year, where we expect more insights and new data in breast cancer new product development.