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Posts tagged ‘Biotech Social Media’

Video Marketing to recruit Lymphoma PTCL Clinical Trials

July 9th, 2011


One of the trends we continue to see is the increased use of video for physician education, clinical trial recruitment and providing of healthcare information. Video lends itself well to a marketing strategy, not only does it engage on a personal level but facilitates the explanation of complex information.

Sally Church on Pharma Strategy Blog highlights the social media strategy and video by Dr Anas Younes (@DrAnasYounes) from MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX.

As Sally notes, “slowly but surely, we are seeing more use of social media in one area where I really think it can help a lot – clinical trials.

Dr Younes’ video explains the opportunity to participate in clinical trials with new agents to treat Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma (PTCL), a rare blood disease.

It is a short video well worth watching and forwarding on to others.

Self-educated patients are the future of cancer care

July 5th, 2011


On Pharma Strategy Blog today, Sally Church (@MaverickNY) has shared a video from TEDxOverlake (@TEDxOverlake) by Jack West MD (@JackWestMD) that is well worth watching.

Dr West heads up the non-profit Global Resource for Advancing Cancer Education (GRACE) on which Sally is a board member. He is also a regional expert in lung-cancer based in Seattle.

Dr West talks about his experiences with a patient who was intimately involved in his own patient care and why having empowered and knowledgable patients should be embraced by the medical community. It’s a compelling story entitled “learning as if your life depended on it,” and highlights how leveraging the internet for knowledge, literally can save your life.

Self-educated patients are the future of cancer care. This video is well worth watching, and reminds us why non-profit organizations such as Dr West’s GRACE should be supported.

Developing a Pharma Social Media Strategy

May 13th, 2011


Sally Church is recognized as influential in pharma social media circles.  She’s appeared on CNBC to talk about FDA Social Media Guidance, and has been recognized as one of the leading women of Twitter.

She frequently writes on Pharma Strategy Blog about what’s happening in the fast paced world of social media, and the impact this may have on the pharmaceutical industry.

In a recent blog post on “mobile health and the impact for pharma“, Sally looks at research published earlier this week by the Pew Internet & American Life Project on “how social media is changing the way we interact and do a lot of things.”

Sally discusses in her post on Pharma Strategy Blog the key trends highlighted by the Pew research and the opportunities this presents for Pharma marketing.

The fact that more of us are gathering health information online has important implications for Pharma and their agencies. Sally offers insight into where the opportunities are for pharma social media strategy development.

Pieter Droppert on Biotech Strategy Blog has also looked at the Pew Survey, and picks up on how video is becoming increasingly important in the search for health information. Pieter previously wrote about the opportunities for using video to recruit for cancer clinical trials.

You can read Pieter’s post on “how people are using social media to find health information” on Biotech Strategy Blog.