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Abiraterone acetate in advanced prostate cancer

March 28th, 2011


As many of you know, Sally Church attended the recent European Association of Urology Congress in Vienna.

In the first video blog post that she’s ever done on Pharma Strategy Blog, she shares her impressions of the meeting and the changing landscape in advanced prostate cancer.  One of the key new product approvals expected this year is for abiraterone.

We love the “BBC News” style graphics of her video blog, and look forward to hearing from Sally throughout the course of the year as she attends other conferences.

You can now watch Sally on her own YouTube channel.  Will we see “Sally Church reporting live for Pharma Strategy Blog”?

2010 was a Grand Cru for Advanced Prostate Cancer Drugs

March 24th, 2011


Many European doctors enjoy a glass of good wine, so Bertrand Tombal’s metaphor that 2010 was a great year for advanced prostate cancer drugs was well received at the recent European Association of Urology Congress in Vienna.

Sally Church attended the meeting, and shared her thoughts on “the changing face of advanced prostate cancer” in a post on Pharma Strategy Blog.

Professor Johann de Bono at EAU11 150x150 2010 was a Grand Cru for Advanced Prostate Cancer DrugsAccording to Sally, one of the highlights of the meeting was the plenary presentation by Professor Johann de Bono of the Royal Marsden in the UK who discussed the new products that now exist or will soon be available for advanced prostate cancer.

Professor de Bono described how we now know more about Prostate Cancer and the fact that androgen receptor signaling remains active in advanced prostate cancer. Hormone therapy now works after chemotherapy, so the use of the term metastatic hormone refractory mHRPC is no longer valid.

He predicted that the we can expect the prostate cancer field to change in the next few years as we learn more about the molecular aspects of the disease and are better able to stratify patients.

With new products such as abiraterone, MDV3100 on the horizon and recent approvals for cabazitaxel, sipuleucel-T, multiple lines of treatment will be available to patients.  The challenge according to Professor de Bono will be how to sequence them.

Further news on new product development in prostate cancer can be expected at AUA, ASCO and ESMO.  With approval for abiraterone expected later this year, 2011 may be a Grand Cru year too! You can keep track of the latest developments in this market on Pharma Strategy Blog.