Self-educated patients are the future of cancer care

On Pharma Strategy Blog today, Sally Church (@MaverickNY) has shared a video from TEDxOverlake (@TEDxOverlake) by Jack West MD (@JackWestMD) that is well worth watching.

Dr West heads up the non-profit Global Resource for Advancing Cancer Education (GRACE) on which Sally is a board member. He is also a regional expert in lung-cancer based in Seattle.

Dr West talks about his experiences with a patient who was intimately involved in his own patient care and why having empowered and knowledgable patients should be embraced by the medical community. It’s a compelling story entitled “learning as if your life depended on it,” and highlights how leveraging the internet for knowledge, literally can save your life.

Self-educated patients are the future of cancer care. This video is well worth watching, and reminds us why non-profit organizations such as Dr West’s GRACE should be supported.

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