Sally Church’s interview with Dr Charles Sawyers rated a “must read” by Forbes Health

Sally Church invests a lot of her personal time in writing for Pharma Strategy Blog.  With a focus on the science of new products and treatments in cancer and hematology, Sally willingly shares her passion, knowledge and expertise.

It is always a pleasure to receive endorsement from others.  Matthew Herper from Forbes Health kindly highlighted Sally’s interview with Dr Charles Sawyers as a “must read.”

We agree. Dr Sawyers is one of the leading translational scientists in the United States who along with Dr Brian Druker and Dr Nick Lydon received the prestigious Lasker award for their work on imatinib (Gleevec/Glivec) in CML.  Dr Sawyers is now working on prostate cancer, and in his interview with Sally, describes his latest work developing MDV3100 and ARN-509.

We unequivocally recommend reading Sally’s post on Pharma Strategy Blog, “Making a difference to the lives of cancer patients: An interview with Dr Charles Sawyers.”

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