Regenerative Medicine – what does the future hold?

At Icarus Consultants we are often asked to look at emerging new products, companies and identify market trends.  Innovation and new product development is driven by the application of basic scientific research.

Regenerative medicine is in its infancy but a marketspace worth watching.

Pieter Droppert on Biotech Strategy Blog has looked at some of the latest developments associated with regenerative medicine and tissue engineering:

Can we rebuild the $6M man?  This post highlights work from the laboratory of D. Kacy Cullen at the University of Pennsylvania.  Dr Cullen’s lab is researching the ability to repair damaged nerves and interface the electrical controls of a prosthetic limb with the human nervous system.

Tissue Engineered Human Trachea Transplant.  This post discusses the announcement last week of a tracheal transplant using a nanomaterial covered with the patient’s own stem cells (to avoid rejection).

Whether we will be able to completely rebuild our bodies as we get older remains to be seen but there is a lot of exciting research that suggest we will be able to replace or repair a lot of body parts.

The potential healthcare savings and improvement in quality of life are enormous.  We expect to see emerging commercial opportunities in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering.

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