PTEN has an important role to play in Breast Cancer

As reported by Sally Church, PhD on Pharma Strategy Blog today, the tumor suppressor gene PTEN has an important role to play in breast cancer. Sally previously wrote about the role PTEN plays in non-melanoma skin cancer.

In her Pharma Strategy blog post, Sally discusses research from the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) in London published online first in the new AACR journal, Cancer Discovery.

Researchers looked at genetic changes found in cancer tumor cells and identified the critical genes associated with the growth of specific cancer subtypes, and those that were not.  As Sally describes it, “which are drivers and passengers.”  This is important if you want to develop a targeted therapy.

This large scale profiling led to the classification of breast cancers into distinct subtypes. In particular the ICR researchers identified possible targets for PTEN-mutated and oestrogen-receptor positive breast cancers.

As Sally notes this approach if successful “could be replicated in other tumor types.”

You can read more on Pharma Strategy Blog about PTEN as a target, and inhibitors in development such as Semafore’s SF1670.

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