Processing scientific data for analysis and insight

Today on Pharma Strategy Blog, Sally Church comments on the sheer volume of data associated with modern science, a topic considered by Science magazine in their February 11, 2011 issue.

What makes this close to our heart at Icarus Consultants, is that what we do for a living as a marketing strategy company focusing on the life sciences, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries,  is process a lot of data.  Anybody can provide you with a data dump of all the posters or presentations from a scientific meeting, but what does this data mean, what do the key opinion leaders think and what are the strategic implications that come out of it?

In the internet era, the amount of data available to us is increasing, but we are faced by more demands on our time.  That’s why people often hire us, not to do what they cannot do themselves, but what they don’t have the time to do. It takes time to process data and generate analysis and insight.

More perspective on this topic can be found on Pharma Strategy Blog.

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