NYAS: Pathogenesis of Cancer and Inflammation

The New York Academy of SciencesSally Church, PhD is a professional member of the The New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS). Later today she will be at a meeting organized by the cancer & signaling discussion group.

The event titled “Oxidative Stress in Cancer and Exploitation of Negative Regulators as Therapeutics” seeks to explore the role that reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (RONS) have in cancer and inflammation.

There is an impressive line up of speakers.  Meetings such as these provide an occasion to hear about early-stage research, translational medicine and provide a window on where oncology new product development opportunities may arise.

They also provide the chance to network and meet key opinion leaders (KOL). Icarus Consultants undertakes KOL market research, and personal relationships are often key to obtaining access to physicians and researchers with extremely busy schedules.

You can find Sally’s forthcoming conference schedule on the Icarus Consultants web site.

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