PARP inhibition in Prostate Cancer

The Society for Translational Oncology (STO) recently held a prostate cancer symposium in Belfast.

In a post on Biotech Strategy Blog, Pieter Droppert reviews the STO video discussion on “Prostate Cancer: Progress & Promise

One of the key insights is that targeting ERG signaling may be key to treating prostate cancer, and that ERG becomes a druggable target by inhibiting PARP.

AACR-Advances-in-Prostate-Cancer-Research-Special-Conference-2012Sally Church has written about the work of Arul Chinnaiyan’s lab on TMPRSS2:ERG and how this may be a more useful marker than PSA in prostate cancer.

You can read more on Pharma Strategy Blog about whether personalized therapy for prostate cancer is possible?

Sally will be attending the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) special conference on “Advances in Prostate Cancer Research” in Orlando from February 6-9, 2012.

Co-chaired by Arul Chinnaiyan and Charles Sawyers, the meeting features plenary sessions on genomic and molecular profiling, prognostic signatures, androgen receptor signaling, drug development, ETS gene fusions, prostate cancer initiation and progression, and imaging.

If you have an interest in prostate cancer drug development and translational research this meeting looks well worth attending.

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