Oncology New Product Executive Coaching

In response to numerous client requests, one of the services we now offer is 1:1 executive coaching on Oncology New Product Development.

The aim of this program is to facilitate a greater understanding of emerging cancer targets through a series of custom case studies and 1:1 coaching sessions with Sally Church, PhD. 

The case studies are customized to the products, background and interests of the person being coached, making the program directly actionable in terms of its value to a company.

Why is coaching in oncology new products worth thinking about?

As Sally notes:

“Oncology is a complex field and is a fast changing environment where it is increasingly important to be able to see the scientific connections between pathways and tumour types, understand the emerging impact of new competitors with novel mechanisms of action, as well as biomarkers and companion diagnostics, and be aware of the evolving landscape for next generation immunotherapies.”

What we have seen is that if you’re working in a company it’s all too easy to get focused on a niche area, whether it be a product, tumor type or in the case of senior management, day-to-day operational decision making.  Being able to see the wood from the trees is becoming harder.

Feedback on this program is that the increased understanding it generates greatly enhances the ability to ask the right strategic questions of New Product Development and Brand Marketing teams.  It also enables more in-depth strategic collaboration and engagement, at both the senior and middle management levels.

In terms of work, it is not an easy ride, by any means.

It’s like doing an executive MBA in Oncology New Product Development, with regular case studies, scientific papers to read and 1:1 tutorials.  Due to the custom nature of the program, enrolment is limited. Participants in this program have been at the Senior Director to Senior VP level.

If you are in oncology marketing, new product development or a business development professional that wants to enhance your strategic decision making skills do contact us for more information about this service.

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