New Products Strategy

Icarus Consultants has particular expertise in working with new products teams. Our staff have worked in new products, as well as in clinical development and marketing. This allows us to understand the clinical data, and relate this to the commercial market opportunity.

All our projects our customized to client needs, and range from top-line strategic overviews to deep dives. Frequently we are asked to look at a particular therapeutic area, disease, receptor type, pathway or mechanism of action to provide insight on critical questions relating to a new product in development e.g.

  • What is the market opportunity?
  • What is the scientific, clinical and commercial potential of a new product?
  • What are the commercial opportunities for drugs that target a key pathway or receptor?
  • What does the preclinical data and literature tell us?
  • Which tumour types might be suitable?
  • What strategies should be considered – single agent or combinations?
  • What alternatives exist to the current clinical development plan?
  • Who are the key competitors, what are they doing and where are we in comparison?
  • What are the potential issues?

We generate insight from primary and secondary data sources. Where possible, KOLs and scientists in the field are contacted as part of the research to provide additional insights and thoughts from an R&D perspective.

By performing a scientific, competitive and commercial analysis, we are able to undertake a gap analysis and deliver strategic insight and recommendations on opportunities that are backed up by solid scientific, clinical and market data.

Our goal is provide clients with actionable insights based on rigorous research and data analysis.  Using the data generated in the independent report can be helpful to teams making major Go/No Go decisions in drug development.

We frequently attend leading scientific and medical meetings for information that will help refine a new product development strategy.

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