KOL Market Research

What can you achieve with KOL primary research?

A small investment in KOL market research can help you validate your marketing or new product development plan, fine tune a clinical study or gain feedback on a new idea.

Finding out what KOLs think can save you significant money on marketing or clinical trials that may miss the mark.  KOL primary market research, compared to advisory boards, is a quick and efficient way to access information on the following:

  • Understand competitive product positioning
  • Obtain feedback on clinical development plans
  • Float ideas for novel products/treatment regiments
  • Test promotional messages
  • Review target-product profiles
  • Discuss treatment best practices
  • Gain unique insights into your product and your competitors

Our Approach

We carefully research and validate experts based upon their publications, chairing of sessions at major congresses and recommendations of their peers.  We also segment KOLs into regional, national and international experts.

KOLs are extremely busy people which is why we only access them for short telephone interviews that are always anonymized to protect their identity and they are unaware who the client is. This process ensures transparency and fairness as well as candid and open opinions.

Well thought out KOL primary research up front can save you a lot of pain and frustration in the long run.


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