How to use an iPad for cancer conference coverage

Icarus Consultants’ social media and oncology expert, Sally Church, is also into business productivity.

At the many cancer conferences she attends each year such as ASCO, ASH, AACR and the forthcoming ESMO/ECCO/ESTRO meeting in Stockholm, an iPad is now Sally’s preferred choice of device to travel with.

How does Sally use an iPad to cover these medical conferences?

In an informative post on Pharma Strategy Blog, Sally outlines the apps that she uses and how they improve her productivity! Anyone who has seen Sally at a conference knows she covers a lot of ground – quite literally in the case of the miles that one walks at ASCO!

What is Sally’s favorite app?

Try the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) quarterly bulletin, that according to Sally is “a truly beautiful combination of art and science that is a pleasure to read.”

You can read more on Pharma Strategy Blog on how to use an iPad for improved productivity in science, medicine and the pharma industry.

I’ll be asking for one for Xmas this year too!

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