How to bring new cancer drugs to market?

Sally Church, PhD our oncology new products expert, is passionate about making a difference to the lives of patients with cancer. ¬†She channels her many talents and energies into helping pharma and biotech companies assess the best targets for their new products. It’s a job that requires science, marketing strategy and commercial awareness; a unique blend of skills.

Sally’s recent post on Pharma Strategy Blog entitled “Accelerated approval and cancer drugs” considers how best to bring new cancer drugs to market? ¬†Should promising oncology new products go from phase 2 clinical trials to market without the need for a large and expensive phase 3 registration study? If so, what happens when the data doesn’t pan out as happened with Roche/Genentech’s bevacizumab (Avastin) in breast cancer?

You can read more about Sally’s thoughts on Pharma Strategy Blog.

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