How resistance occurs to BRAF inhibitors such as PLX 4032 (vemurafenib)

Icarus Consultants’ oncology expert, Sally Church has written extensively about BRAF inhibitors, and why melanoma patients develop resistance to PLX4032.

In a post on Pharma Strategy Blog, Sally reviews further research on mechanisms of resistance to BRAF inhibitors such as PLX 4032 (vemurafenib). Published in OncoTarget (an open access cancer journal), the article describes ERK dependent and ERK independent methods by which resistance occurs.

Sally notes that “as our knowledge of the science of metastatic melanoma improves, so do our opportunities for therapeutic intervention and improvement in outcomes.

Metastatic melanoma is expected to be a hot topic at the forthcoming annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) that Icarus Consultants will be attending.

You can read more on Pharma Strategy Blog.


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