Conference Coverage: the week in review

Now that summer is officially over, the fall pharma/biotech conference season has started. You can find out details of the conferences Icarus Consultants will be attending by checking out our conference schedule.

If you are interested in our meeting coverage services or a conference report, please contact us.

This week, we followed two conferences remotely through Twitter.  On Biotech Strategy Blog, Pieter Droppert aggregated the tweets from the BioPharm America 2011 partnering conference in Boston.

The joy of twitter is that you can follow the key messages of conference presenters remotely. It’s no substitute for being at the meeting and the networking opportunities in person, but it does allow you to capture a flavor of what everyone is thinking.  140 characters allows for a good sound bite!

Meanwhile on Pharma Strategy Blog, Sally Church has been following the ASCO Breast Cancer Symposium 2011 in San Francisco.  Icarus Consultants will be at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS) later this year.

On Pharma Strategy Blog, Sally also wrote about the European Multidisciplinary Cancer Conference in Stockholm, more commonly known as ECCO or ESMO.  The conference abstracts will be available on Monday, so we look forward to Sally’s video preview and thoughts on what’s hot at the meeting.

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