Choosing the right target is key to Pharma and Biotech drug development success

Washington DC Monument BIO 2011 International Convention ©Pieter DroppertIn the run up to the 2011 BIO international convention next week in Washington DC, Pieter Droppert on Biotech Strategy Blog discusses a recent Nature Reviews Drug Discovery paper on Pharma R&D productivity.

One of the take homes from the analysis of 28,000 pharma R&D compounds investigated since 1990 is that “therapeutic innovation has become more challenging and complex.”  At Icarus Consultants we agree with that conclusion.

One only has to look at the increasing complexity surrounding oncology pathways as an example. Choosing the right molecular target and one where there is a market opportunity is key to success.  Increasingly, patient selection is also becoming a key part of the paradigm.

New Product professionals need to do a comprehensive landscape analysis around potential target indications.  Some of the questions to ask:

  • Who are your competitors?
  • What stage of development are they in?
  • Which sub segment are you competing in?
  • What does the clinical science show regarding molecular targets?
  • Which patients should be included/excluded from the trials?
  • What combinations might be relevant – chemotherapy or targeted therapies?
  • Which line of therapy are you going for?
  • What is the market opportunity for your new product?

These are things we often help our clients with at Icarus – as we learn more about the increasingly complexity of the underlying biology of disease, so the challenge with clinical trials in terms of tumour types and patient selection increases.

Choosing the right target is key to Pharma & Biotech drug development success.

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