Case Studies


Background: A major pharma company was moving a new cancer drug with a novel mechanism of action into early clinical development and needed a deep dive to understand the potential marketplace.

Plan: Using a combination of primary thought leader interviews and extensive secondary research, we developed a comprehensive road map of all the tumour types, potential drug combinations, key competitors and situational analysis of the marketplace.

Result: Based on the report, the client team were able to better understand the marketplace and develop clear criteria for milestones to enable a definitive Go/No Go decision to be made.



Background: a biotech client wished to determine the potential impact of new competitors into a rapidly changing marketplace and understand the potential impact on their franchise.

Plan: we undertook primary market research involving a hybrid approach to evaluate opinions and insights from both thought leaders and high-prescribing community oncologists.

Result: The insights generated from the research enabled the client to adopt their sales and marketing strategy to meet the new competitive threat.




Background: a biotech client with a novel compound in early clinical development, wanted to keep track of the global marketplace in which they were interested.

Plan: We developed a quarterly tracking system with topline and comprehensive reports that included competitors, key clinical data, evolving positioning and messaging as well as market strategies.

Result: The client was able to stay on top of key developments in their marketplace and adapt their commercial focus accordingly.

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