Are human genome patents a barrier to market entry?

As reported in the February 4, 2011 issue of Science, many genes are now covered by patents. Navigating through the intellectual property rights of others presents challenges for companies seeking to enter the market for cancer diagnostic tests.

Pieter Droppert on the Biotech Strategy Blog considers the competitive landscape at the interface of science, law and innovation.  He discusses the case of Myriad Genetics whose patents for BRCA1 and BRAC2 genes, linked to breast and ovarian cancer, were recently overturned.  If companies are not able to obtain patents for unaltered DNA does this present an opportunity or a set back for the biotechnology industry?

The legal decisions that flow out of the Myriad Genetics case are likely to have a major impact on the future development of personalized medicine.  You can read more on Biotech Strategy Blog.

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