A tale of two CME worlds

In a post that has provoked several comments, Pieter Droppert in a “letter from Vienna” discusses his observations about the sponsored sessions at the recent European Association of Urology Congress in Vienna.

In a meeting that featured a lot of innovative features such as webcasts of key presentations, the sponsored education sessions appeared too promotional.

Pieter’s blog post has prompted a debate as to whether these sessions were promotional or continuing medical education (CME), part of the Congress or not?

In the process it has raised the question of why European CME does not follow the same standards of independence and fair balance as US CME?  Why do European medical congresses accept these type of quasi-promotional educational sessions?

As pharma marketing strategy consultants, we are all for promotional activities, but believe there needs to be a clear division between promotion and CME.

If you wish to enter the debate, and there’s nothing like a good bit of controversy to drive blog traffic, you can do so on Biotech Strategy Blog.

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